The Case of the Stolen Blog, Part 3

March 14, 2011 at 2:18 am (Looking Back)

To say I haven’t blogged in a while is an understatement. I have no good reason why I stopped. The only thing I can come up with is that I felt this need for the posts to be profound. I put pressure on myself to make the blog be important. After nearly 7 months of not writing I realized that I don’t have to labor over what to say…I’ll just say it! I love storytelling, so why not tell more stories! I’m publicly challenging myself to reflect on each day’s experiences so that I can share more stories, more often.

Today I am going to steal an idea from Jenna who stole it from Sarah who stole it from Sallie who had the original idea.  This blog works well for me because I am turning 28 in a few weeks. Here are 28 things you (might not) know about me.

28. I have a hard time getting motivated to exercise. Once I start I enjoy it, but I wish I had more motivation to get going.

27. I’m a crier. I think I get it from my Dad.

26. Even though I joke about kids not being my favorite thing, I do want kids of my own. My friend’s children have taught me that.

25. I love my cat, Ralph. I don’t care if people give me a hard time about being a cat person because I think he’s the bee’s knees.

24. I dated 4 guys in a row that had three-lettered names.

23. I am so blessed to have parents who are still married to each other and in love.

22. When I get nervous or anxious I pick at my cuticles.

21. I turned twenty-one on 4-4-04. My brother surprised me and flew from MN to IN to celebrate with me.

20. I’d like to take photography classes someday. I love taking and looking at pictures.

19. Before I go to bed each night I make coffee for the next day. The timer is set for 6:45am.

18. I get my sense of humor from my Dad. I laugh at all his jokes and I love hearing his “new material” each time I see him. I catch myself laughing at my own jokes and then I smile because he does the same thing.

17. I still watch Days of Our Lives. I hope they never cancel it so that I can pass it on to my daughter like my Mom did with me.

16. I love Tuesdays with the Layton Family.

15. I want to go to Europe…like, soon. I need financing and extra days off to make that happen.

14. Like Jenna, joining AGD was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Pretty much every detail of my life would be different now if it weren’t for that choice. I am grateful for the organization and for the people I have met as a result.

Alpha Gams at Prom - Dec. 2010

13. I don’t believe in fat-free dairy products. That’s just not right.

12. I cried when my brother finished his first marathon last fall. (See #27) I think that’s the only time I’ve cried from being proud of someone. It was an indescribable emotion.

11. I’m a horrible speller. I’m not sure where that went wrong.

10. I shamelessly sing along to the same song almost every day on the way to work. Glee Soundtrack, Volume 3, track 3.  

9. There was no question that I would go to Ball State. I was number 5 in a line of Peat cousins to attend. I didn’t apply to any other colleges.

BSU Peat Crew at Amy's Wedding

8. It if weren’t for The Loft, I would be naked every day. I may have an addiction to their clothes.

7. If I’m writing a list and I mess something up, don’t have the same pen color, or it’s not pretty I’ll start over.

6. I don’t like to be confused or think too hard to watch a movie or TV. I don’t think that’s entertainment.

5. If it’s after 9pm, I’m on the couch, the TV is on and the lights are off, I’m probably asleep.

4. My mom is one of my best friends.

3. My favorite person to vacation with is Sarah. We love the same vacation spots, food, snacks, coffee and entertainment. Plus we can share shoes while we’re there!

Sarah & I in Chicago - Fall 2010

2. I own a sickening amount of cardigans. (See #8) I hope they never go out of style.

1. I’m glad a little peer pressure from my friend’s blogs got me to write this list and get back in the blogging world.



  1. Jenna said,

    yay! welcome back! sometimes i catch ‘days’ and it just keeps getting crazier all the time. but i still love it – there’s no way it’s getting canceled. i think stefano will die in real life before he leaves the show! i also love #16, of course! see you tomorrow.

  2. Mom said,

    As I read your list….there were many others we share. The biggest one would be having to start over if it’s just not right. I get teased about that a lot.
    I love it that we can be adult friends. You are truly a gift from God. Love you!

  3. Andy Nill said,

    Hey lady, can I borrow one of your cardigans? Seriously though, keep up the writing…or I’ll forge a dating profile for you (“28 y/o SWF seeks alcoholic taxidermist…”). Hope you’re doing well!

    • kgpeat said,

      You can borrow a cardigan any time! haha! I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your comment. I am doing well – I hope you are, too!

  4. Lauren Wraley said,

    I’m so happy a picture with me in it made it onto your blog. Yay!

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